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Institutional Research

Planning and Assessment/Institutional Research

The Assessment and Planning unit is responsible for coordinating and facilitating the college’s strategic initiatives and institutional research. Within the scope of this role are strategic planning initiatives, accreditation initiatives, planning and scheduling processes, and monitoring progress of strategic initiatives.

Institutional Research Activities
Institutional Research activities include surveying students, employers and others, data compilation and analysis, compiling statistics, reporting outcomes to internal and external stakeholders, advising constituents, and recommending courses of action.

The primary goals in supporting the mission

  • Serving as the primary repository of institutional data.
  • Publishing institutional information regarding enrollment, performance, and retention.
  • Complying with state and federal reporting requirements.
  • Responding to external surveys and questionnaires.
  • Supporting the institution’s accreditation initiatives with timely and accurate information.

Ethical considerations within Institutional Research

  • Will not release individual student information.
  • Will take all reasonable steps to ensure the accuracy of data gathered from individuals, groups, offices, or agencies.
  • Will apply all reasonable means to prevent the loss of data and documentation.
  • Will make every effort to anticipate and prevent misunderstandings and the possible misuse of information.

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