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Frequently Asked Questions - High School Programs

What is the difference in dual enrollment and AP?
AP (Advanced Placement) courses are high school courses designed to prepare students for college-level course work. Students take an exam upon completion of an AP course. The score on that exam determines if a student will receive any AP college credit in that subject.

Dual enrollment courses are college courses in which a high school student enrolls. Upon completion of the course they will have widely transferable college credits on a college transcript. College credits do not depend on the score of an end-of-course exam; they are automatically awarded.

Is dual enrollment the same as dual credit?
Dual credit refers to one or more classes taught at the high school level. A student who completes these courses successfully can come to NSCC and take an assessment to earn college credits. These college credits are not transferable and these classes are not college courses.

Do I have to take a class on-campus to participate?
No, you can take online college courses or classes offered in your high school. Classes offered at your high school are taught by a high school teacher that has met the adjunct faculty criteria.

Can I withdraw from a dual enrollment course after the course begins?
Yes, a student can withdraw from a dual enrollment course and receive a refund. There are specific deadlines to withdraw that coordinate with NSCC’s refund policy. If a student withdraws on or after the first day of class they will lose a percentage of the tuition and fees paid.

Are dual enrollment courses different than regular college courses?
No, dual enrollment courses meet the same academic standards and quality as all courses offered at NSCC.

Do dual enrollment students qualify for financial aid?
No, current high school students do not qualify for financial aid. The only financial assistance available to dual enrollment students is the Dual Enrollment Grant funded by the Tennessee Lottery.

Do dual enrollment courses transfer to other post secondary institutions?
Yes, dual enrollment courses taken through NSCC will transfer to other post secondary institutions. NSCC is a Tennessee Board of Regents college. The student is responsible for obtaining verification of transfer credit.

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