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Edward Abel, Stock Clerk III

E-Mail Edward Abel
Phone: 615-353-3672
Fax: 615-353-3499

Becky Abu-Orf, Payroll Manager

E-Mail Becky Abu-Orf
Phone: 615-353-3323

Michelle Adkerson, Associate Professor, English

E-Mail Michelle Adkerson
Phone: 615-353-3023

Gilma Adunas, Instructor, Physics

E-Mail Gilma Adunas
Phone: 615-353-3398

Jesmin Akther, Instructor, Chemistry

E-Mail Jesmin Akther
Phone: 615-353-3446

Jeanne Altstatt, Associate Professor, English, Southeast Campus

E-Mail Jeanne Altstatt
Phone: 615-916-5850

Eli Alvarado, Assistant Professor

E-Mail Eli Alvarado
Phone: 615-353-3705

Bernard Anderson, Assistant Professor, Physics

E-Mail Bernard Anderson
Phone: 615-353-3584

Jennifer Anderson, Instructor, Biology

E-Mail Jennifer Anderson
Phone: 615-353-3081

Jessie Angel, Secretary II, Business and Applied Arts

E-Mail Jessie Angel
Phone: 615-353-3771
Fax: 615-353-3428

Jessie Angel, Secretary II, Computer and Engineering Technologies

E-Mail Jessie Angel
Phone: 615-353-3771
Fax: 615-353-3428

Thomas Angland, Instructor, Theater

E-Mail Thomas Angland
Phone: 615-353-3728

Bill Archer, Electronics Technician

E-Mail Bill Archer
Phone: 615-353-3454

Chris Archer, Help Desk Technician

E-Mail Chris Archer
Phone: 615-353-3688

Patricia Armstrong, Dean of English, Humanities, Arts and Languages

E-Mail Patricia Armstrong
Phone: 615-353-3758
Fax: 615-353-3736

Joseph Arnold, Account Clerk I

E-Mail Joseph Arnold
Phone: 615-353-3311
Fax: 615-353-3727

Mike Arnold, Computer Lab Technician

E-Mail Mike Arnold
Phone: 615-353-3074

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