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Pam Gadd, Library Assistant

E-Mail Pam Gadd
Phone: 615-353-3474

Diane Gaffney, Assistant Professor, OTA

E-Mail Diane Gaffney
Phone: 615-353-3383

Terri Gallant, Instructor, SURG/CSPT

E-Mail Terri Gallant
Phone: 615-353-3585
Fax: 615-353-3608

Reginald Gardner, Dean of Computer and Engineering Technologies

E-Mail Reginald Gardner
Phone: 615-353-3486
Fax: 615-353-3037

Carol Gentry, Systems Analyst II

E-Mail Carol Gentry
Phone: 615-353-3542

Barbara Gershowitz, Associate Professor

E-Mail Barbara Gershowitz
Phone: 615-353-3501

David Gerth, Associate Professor

E-Mail David Gerth
Phone: 615-353-3423
Website: http://ww2.nscc.edu/gerth_d

Logan Ginsberg, Financial Aid Secretary II

E-Mail Logan Ginsberg
Phone: 615-353-3250
Fax: 615-353-3202

Jami Girgenti, Admissions Clerk

E-Mail Jami Girgenti
Phone: 615-353-3207

Rebecca Girgenti, Secretary III

E-Mail Rebecca Girgenti
Phone: 615-353-3261

Phyllis Gobbell, Associate Professor, English

E-Mail Phyllis Gobbell
Phone: 615-353-3349

Karen Goodman, Testing Technician I

E-Mail Karen Goodman
Phone: 615-353-3964

Adriane Gordon, Admissions Lead Worker

E-Mail Adriane Gordon
Phone: 615-353-3219
Fax: 615-353-3243

Beth Gorham, Assistant Professor

E-Mail Beth Gorham
Phone: 615-353-3351

Donna Gorlier, Technical Clerk

E-Mail Donna Gorlier
Phone: 615-353-3317

Jim Graf, Assistant Professor

E-Mail Jim Graf
Phone: 615-353-3411

Chelsee Gray, Admissions Counselor

E-Mail Chelsee Gray
Phone: 615-353-3214
Fax: 615-353-3243

Ruth Green, Secretary III, Business and Applied Arts

E-Mail Ruth Green
Phone: 615-353-3400
Fax: 615-353-3428

Jeff Green, Assistant Professor, Biology

E-Mail Jeff Green
Phone: 615-353-3266

Delphia Green, Southeast Campus Office Supervisor

E-Mail Delphia Green
Phone: 615-916-5849
Fax: 615-780-2762

Trey Gresimer, Technical Systems Coordinator

E-Mail Trey Gresimer
Phone: 615-353-3744

Heaven Groeneveld, Financial Aid Clerk

E-Mail Heaven Groeneveld
Phone: 615-353-3049
Phone 2: 615-353-3247
Fax: 615-353-3202

Teresa Guthrie, Instructor, Biology

E-Mail Teresa Guthrie
Phone: 615-353-3357

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