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Charles Hackney, Systems Analyst I

E-Mail Charles Hackney
Phone: 615-353-3397

Rosemary Hackney, Testing Technician II

E-Mail Rosemary Hackney
Phone: 615-353-3355

Evelyn Hadley, Director of Special Projects and Student Life

E-Mail Evelyn Hadley
Phone: 615-353-3233
Fax: 615-353-3747

William Hamm, Security Guard II

E-Mail William Hamm
Phone: 615-353-3273

Elvis Hamrick, Security Guard II

E-Mail Elvis Hamrick
Phone: 615-353-3273

Catherine Hansom, Technical Clerk

E-Mail Catherine Hansom
Phone: 615-353-3672
Fax: 615-353-3727

Brenda Harriford, Office Manager

E-Mail Brenda Harriford
Phone: 615-353-3274

Dasha Harris, Career & Technical Education Advisor, Computer Technologies

E-Mail Dasha Harris
Phone: 615-353-3449

Kevin Harris, Director/Associate Dean, Clarksville Campus

E-Mail Kevin Harris
Phone: 931-472-3453
Fax: 931-472-3468

Eva Hauger, Custodian

E-Mail Eva Hauger
Phone: 615-353-3277

Pamela Hawkins, Associate Professor

E-Mail Pamela Hawkins
Phone: 615-353-3414

Susan Anne Hawkins, Instructor

E-Mail Susan Anne Hawkins
Phone: 615-353-3491

Destinee Hayes, Records Clerk

E-Mail Destinee Hayes
Phone: 615-353-3208
Fax: 615-353-3302

Jenny Heath, Technical Clerk, Dickson

E-Mail Jenny Heath
Phone: 615-740-5998

Computer Help Desk, Technical Support

E-Mail Computer Help Desk
Phone: 615-353-3678

Tassany Henderson, Admissions Counselor

E-Mail Tassany Henderson
Phone: 615-353-3793
Fax: 615-353-3243

Tiffany Hess, Cash and Process Specialist I

E-Mail Tiffany Hess
Phone: 615-353-3318
Fax: 615-353-3727

Carol Hines, Secretary III, Clarksville Campus

E-Mail Carol Hines
Phone: 931-472-3464
Fax: 931-472-3468

Jamica Hines, Campus Coordinator, Southeast Campus

E-Mail Jamica Hines
Phone: 615-916-5843

Pam Hitt, Instructor, SURG

E-Mail Pam Hitt
Phone: 615-353-3782
Fax: 615-353-3608

Karen Hodge, Security Guard II

E-Mail Karen Hodge
Phone: 615-353-3273

James Holtin, Security Guard II

E-Mail James Holtin
Phone: 615-353-3273

Stephen Hooks, Director

E-Mail Stephen Hooks
Phone: 615-353-3232
Fax: 615-353-3254

Luke Horsley, Instructor, Mathematics

E-Mail Luke Horsley
Phone: 615-353-3797

Phillip Howse, Senior Technical Systems Coordinator

E-Mail Phillip Howse
Phone: 615-353-3283

Cherry Hunt, Lab Assistant III

E-Mail Cherry Hunt
Phone: 615-353-3458

Tim Hurt, Maintenance Worker, Humphreys County Campus

E-Mail Tim Hurt
Phone: 931-296-1739
EXT: 324

Hurahman Hussain, Security Guard II

E-Mail Hurahman Hussain
Phone: 615-353-3273

Brad Hyde, Computer Lab Technician

E-Mail Brad Hyde
Phone: 615-353-3476

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