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Amy Maberry, Associate Dean

E-Mail Amy Maberry
Phone: 931-372-5539

Larry Mangrum, Contract Training Specialist

E-Mail Larry Mangrum
Phone: 615-353-3480

Devora Manier, Assistant Professor, ESL

E-Mail Devora Manier
Phone: 615-353-3295

Jody Mantle, Instructor, Mathematics, Cookeville

E-Mail Jody Mantle
Phone: 931-372-5544

Linda Marable, Professor, Mathematics

E-Mail Linda Marable
Phone: 615-353-3377

Barbara Marcum, Secretary I

E-Mail Barbara Marcum
Phone: 615-353-3328

Dumitru Marin, HVAC Mechanic III

E-Mail Dumitru Marin
Phone: 615-353-3274

David Markwell, Associate Professor, History

E-Mail David Markwell
Phone: 615-353-3481

Carol Martin-Osorio, Dean of Students

E-Mail Carol Martin-Osorio
Phone: 615-353-3268
Fax: 615-353-3395

Landon Mason, Instructor, History, Humphreys County Campus

E-Mail Landon Mason
Phone: 931-296-1739
EXT: 325

Andrew Mason, Access Services Coordinator

E-Mail Andrew Mason
Phone: 615-353-3741
Fax: 615-353-3032

Connie Mathews, Assistant Professor, ESL, Southeast Campus

E-Mail Connie Mathews
Phone: 615-916-5868

Charles May, Librarian

E-Mail Charles May
Phone: 615-353-3554

Elizabeth May, Instructor, SURG

E-Mail Elizabeth May
Phone: 615-353-3773
Fax: 615-353-3608

Nick Maynard, Instructor, SURG

E-Mail Nick Maynard
Phone: 615-353-3329
Fax: 615-353-3608

Kathleen McAdams, Instructor, Anatomy and Physiology, Southeast Campus

E-Mail Kathleen McAdams
Phone: 615-916-5882

Paula McCord, Secretary III, Computer and Engineering Technologies

E-Mail Paula McCord
Phone: 615-353-3475
Fax: 615-353-3037

Annette McCreedy, Professor, College Success, Southeast Campus

E-Mail Annette McCreedy
Phone: 615-916-5880

Tiffany McGarr, Secretary II

E-Mail Tiffany McGarr
Phone: 615-353-3599

Dee McGraw, Instructor, English, Clarksville Campus

E-Mail Dee McGraw
Phone: 931-472-3461

George McIntyre, Instructor

E-Mail George McIntyre
Phone: 615-353-3392

Richard McKinney, Associate Professor

E-Mail Richard McKinney
Phone: 615-353-3466

Kimberly McKissack, Secretary II, Social and Life Sciences

E-Mail Kimberly McKissack
Phone: 615-353-3708
Fax: 615-353-3608

Reginald McLain, Computer Lab Technnician, Clarksville Campus

E-Mail Reginald McLain
Phone: 931-472-3455
Fax: 931-472-3468

Virginia McMath, Southeast Campus Testing Technician I

E-Mail Virginia McMath
Phone: 615-916-5854

Marian McNeil, Administrative Secretary

E-Mail Marian McNeil
Phone: 615-353-3325
Fax: 615-353-3713

Scott McRoberts, Assistant Professor, Art

E-Mail Scott McRoberts
Phone: 615-353-3686

Misti Meeks, Records Clerk

E-Mail Misti Meeks
Phone: 615-353-3652
Fax: 615-353-3302

Thomas Melton, Coordinator of Video Productions

E-Mail Thomas Melton
Phone: 615-353-3734

Vicki Mendenhall, Computer Technician

E-Mail Vicki Mendenhall
Phone: 615-353-3288

Aggie Mendoza, Associate Professor, English

E-Mail Aggie Mendoza
Phone: 615-353-3714

Gena Messersmith, English Instructor, Humphreys County Campus

E-Mail Gena Messersmith
Phone: 931-296-1739
EXT: 312

Callie Milburn, Instructor, English, Cookeville

E-Mail Callie Milburn
Phone: 931-372-5533

Jeffrey Miller, Security Guard II

E-Mail Jeffrey Miller
Phone: 615-353-3273

Roslyn Mize, Instructor

E-Mail Roslyn Mize
Phone: 615-353-3693

Willam Montgomery, Maintenance Scheduler

E-Mail Willam Montgomery
Phone: 615-353-3060

Jennifer Moore, Instructor, English, Southeast Campus

E-Mail Jennifer Moore
Phone: 615-916-5883

Cynthia Moore, Records Clerk

E-Mail Cynthia Moore
Phone: 615-353-3240
Fax: 615-353-3202

Michael Moore, Instructor, Mathematics

E-Mail Michael Moore
Phone: 615-353-3389

Laura Moran, Director

E-Mail Laura Moran
Phone: 615-353-3217
Fax: 615-353-3243

Josh Moran, Director of Financial Aid

E-Mail Josh Moran
Phone: 615-353-3250
Fax: 615-353-3202

Mark Morey, Maintenance Worker

E-Mail Mark Morey
Phone: 615-353-3274

Dennis Morgan, Security Office Manager

E-Mail Dennis Morgan
Phone: 615-353-3273

John Murray, Computer Lab Technician

E-Mail John Murray
Phone: 615-353-3291

Jeffrey Myers, Security Guard II

E-Mail Jeffrey Myers
Phone: 615-353-3273

Jennifer Myers, Instructor, OTA

E-Mail Jennifer Myers
Phone: 615-353-3582

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