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William Parker, Rx Tennessee Program Coordinator

E-Mail William Parker
Phone: 615-353-3116
Fax: 615-353-3118

Heidi Parker, Account Clerk I

E-Mail Heidi Parker
Phone: 615-353-3311
Fax: 615-353-3727

Daniel Parrish, Account Clerk Supervisor

E-Mail Daniel Parrish
Phone: 615-353-3509
Fax: 615-353-3727

Jeffery Parsell, Institutional Research Analyst

E-Mail Jeffery Parsell
Phone: 615-353-3127

Cheryl Patterson, Secretary III, Humphreys County Campus

E-Mail Cheryl Patterson
Phone: 931-296-1739
EXT: 322

Melissa Paty, Instructor

E-Mail Melissa Paty
Phone: 615-353-3642
Fax: 615-353-3674

Melissa Pauley, Assistant Director of Records and Registration

E-Mail Melissa Pauley
Phone: 615-353-3522
Fax: 615-353-3227

Jennifer Paulk, Instructor, History, Clarksville Campus

E-Mail Jennifer Paulk
Phone: 931-472-3460

Harlan Pease, Assistant Professor, English

E-Mail Harlan Pease
Phone: 615-353-3366

Donald Pelster, Professor

E-Mail Donald Pelster
Phone: 615-353-3514

Debbie Pennebaker, Secretary III

E-Mail Debbie Pennebaker
Phone: 931-520-0551
EXT: 102

Porsha Perkins, Southeast Campus Testing Technician

E-Mail Porsha Perkins
Phone: 615-916-5854

Frank Perry, Security Guard Supervisor III

E-Mail Frank Perry
Phone: 615-353-3273

Marla Perry, Associate Professor, Sociology

E-Mail Marla Perry
Phone: 615-353-3341

Ted Phelps, Associate Professor, Art

E-Mail Ted Phelps
Phone: 615-353-3231

Gail Phillips, Director

E-Mail Gail Phillips
Phone: 615-353-3703

Will Plunk, Help Desk Supervisor

E-Mail Will Plunk
Phone: 615-353-3678

Sharon Poindexter, Institutional Research Analyst

E-Mail Sharon Poindexter
Phone: 615-353-3279

Janusz Polanowski, Associate Professor, Philosophy

E-Mail Janusz Polanowski
Phone: 615-353-3031

Carolyn Powell, Assistant Professor, History, Cookeville Campus

E-Mail Carolyn Powell
Phone: 931-520-0551
EXT: 115

Karen Powers, Instructor

E-Mail Karen Powers
Phone: 615-353-3418

Vicki Preston, Assistant Director of Financial Aid

E-Mail Vicki Preston
Phone: 615-353-3787
Fax: 615-353-3202

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