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Ashwak Sarhan, Coordinator of Technical Support

E-Mail Ashwak Sarhan
Phone: 615-353-3238
Fax: 615-353-3202

Ruben Saroukhanian, Instructor

E-Mail Ruben Saroukhanian
Phone: 615-353-3690

John Savage, Instructor, Mechatronics

E-Mail John Savage

Candice Schutt, Account Clerk Supervisor - Student Accounts

E-Mail Candice Schutt
Phone: 615-353-3533
Fax: 615-353-3727

Wanda Scott, Assistant Professor

E-Mail Wanda Scott
Phone: 615-353-3471

Leslie Searcy, Security Guard II

E-Mail Leslie Searcy
Phone: 615-353-3273

Security, Clarksville Campus

Phone: 931-472-3465

Danny Sensing, Humphreys County Campus PTEC Computer Lab Technician

E-Mail Danny Sensing
Phone: 931-296-1739
EXT: 318

Flora Setayesh, Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness

E-Mail Flora Setayesh
Phone: 615-353-3394

Christina Shaffer, Secretary II, Early Childhood Education

E-Mail Christina Shaffer
Phone: 615-353-3717
Fax: 615-353-3376

Shawn Shank, Help Desk Technician

E-Mail Shawn Shank
Phone: 615-353-3688

Dianna Shanks, Humphreys County Campus Technical Clerk

E-Mail Dianna Shanks
Phone: 931-296-1739
EXT: 304

DeAnna Shaw, Technical Clerk

E-Mail DeAnna Shaw
Phone: 615-353-3083

Lisa Shaw, Graduation Specialist

E-Mail Lisa Shaw
Phone: 615-353-3213
Fax: 615-353-3302

Alhassan Sheriff, Database Administrator

E-Mail Alhassan Sheriff
Phone: 615-353-3056

NeelyAnn Sheucraft, Associate Professor, Speech Communications

E-Mail NeelyAnn Sheucraft
Phone: 615-353-3488

Derrek Sheucraft, Director

E-Mail Derrek Sheucraft
Phone: 615-353-3272

James Shrum, Computer Lab Technician

E-Mail James Shrum
Phone: 615-353-3284

Robert Siegel, Instructor, Culinary Arts, Southeast Campus

E-Mail Robert Siegel
Phone: 615-916-5895

Kim Silverman, Southeast Campus Director

E-Mail Kim Silverman
Phone: 615-916-5851
Fax: 615-780-2762

Yvonne Simerman, Instructor, Sociology

E-Mail Yvonne Simerman
Phone: 615-353-3482

Michele Singletary, Associate Professor, English

E-Mail Michele Singletary
Phone: 615-353-3353

Elizabeth Slade, Instructor, Biology, Clarskville Campus

E-Mail Elizabeth Slade
Phone: 931-472-3462

Judy Smith, Systems Specialist

E-Mail Judy Smith
Phone: 615-353-3281

Chastity Smith, Financial Aid Secretary II

E-Mail Chastity Smith
Phone: 615-353-3250
Fax: 615-353-3202

Michael Smith, Security Guard II

E-Mail Michael Smith
Phone: 615-353-3273

Derek Smith, Associate Professor, Mathematics

E-Mail Derek Smith
Phone: 615-353-3025
Website: http://ww2.nscc.edu/smith_d

Maria Smith, Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Humphreys County Campus

E-Mail Maria Smith
Phone: 931-296-1739
EXT: 307

Susan Smith, Grants Fiscal Clerk

E-Mail Susan Smith
Phone: 615-353-3388
Fax: 615-353-3499

Jo Smith, Coordinator of Purchasing

E-Mail Jo Smith
Phone: 615-353-3303

Steve Solomon, Printing Estimator

E-Mail Steve Solomon
Phone: 615-353-3434

Katherine Sorenson, Instructor, English, Southeast Campus

E-Mail Katherine Sorenson
Phone: 615-916-5870

Anneliese Specht, Accounting Processes Manager

E-Mail Anneliese Specht
Phone: 615-353-3485

Elizabeth Stein, Instructor, ESL, Southeast Campus

E-Mail Elizabeth Stein
Phone: 615-916-5869

Karen Stevenson, Dean of Business and Applied Arts

E-Mail Karen Stevenson
Phone: 615-353-3430
Fax: 615-353-3428

Colette Strassburg, Library Lab Technician

E-Mail Colette Strassburg
Phone: 615-353-3552

Jennie Stribling, Humphreys County Campus Director

E-Mail Jennie Stribling
Phone: 931-296-1739
EXT: 303

Valerie Stroop, Associate Professor

E-Mail Valerie Stroop
Phone: 615-353-3425

Amber Sullivan, Instructor, Math, Humphreys County Campus

E-Mail Amber Sullivan
Phone: 931-296-1739

Billie Sullivan, Secretary II

E-Mail Billie Sullivan
Phone: 615-353-3401
Fax: 615-353-3774

Tammy Sullivan, Secretary II, Nursing

E-Mail Tammy Sullivan
Phone: 615-353-3647
Fax: 615-353-3674

Laurie Lea Swanson, Assistant Professor

E-Mail Laurie Lea Swanson
Phone: 615-353-3427
Website: http://ww2.nscc.edu/swanson_l

Danielle Swartz-Koufman, Admissions Counselor

E-Mail Danielle Swartz-Koufman
Phone: 615-353-3214
Fax: 615-353-3243

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