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Richard Wall, Assistant Director of Customer Support Services

E-Mail Richard Wall
Phone: 615-353-3444

Jack Wallace, Associate Professor

E-Mail Jack Wallace
Phone: 615-353-3445

Timothy Walls, Process Control Technology Instructor, Humphreys County Campus

E-Mail Timothy Walls
Phone: 931-296-1739
EXT: 319

Ted Washington, Associate Vice President, Planning and Assessment

E-Mail Ted Washington
Phone: 615-353-3228
Fax: 615-353-3221

Mariahn Watkins, Southeast Campus Advisor

E-Mail Mariahn Watkins
Phone: 615-916-5845

Ken Waugh, Telecommunications & Computer Operations Coordinator

E-Mail Ken Waugh
Phone: 615-353-3337

Karin Weaver, Executive Director of Development and Public Affairs

E-Mail Karin Weaver
Phone: 615-353-3604
Fax: 615-353-3080

David Weilmuenster, Assistant Professor

E-Mail David Weilmuenster
Phone: 615-353-3415

Bridgette Weir, Associate Professor, English

E-Mail Bridgette Weir
Phone: 615-353-3373

Carl Weitlauf, Instructor, Biology

E-Mail Carl Weitlauf
Phone: 615-353-3794

David Welch, Associate Professor, Computer Programs

E-Mail David Welch
Phone: 615-353-3410

Christina Weston, Assistant Professor, Mathematics

E-Mail Christina Weston
Phone: 615-353-3495

Denisha White, Technical Clerk, Clarksville Campus

E-Mail Denisha White
Phone: 931-472-3451

Donna Whitehouse, Associate Professor OTA

E-Mail Donna Whitehouse
Phone: 615-353-3382

Julie Williams, Dean of Social and Life Sciences

E-Mail Julie Williams
Phone: 615-353-3346
Fax: 615-353-3376

Ernestine Williams, Lead Data Entry Operator

E-Mail Ernestine Williams
Phone: 615-353-3322

Melissa Wills, Southeast Campus Coordinator of Student Life

E-Mail Melissa Wills
Phone: 615-916-5855

Sandra Wills, Instructor, Psychology

E-Mail Sandra Wills
Phone: 615-353-3022

Kenneth Wilson, Records Clerk

E-Mail Kenneth Wilson
Phone: 615-353-3767
Fax: 615-353-3302

Kirsten Wilson, Testing Clerk, Dickson

E-Mail Kirsten Wilson
Phone: 615-740-5998

Mary Elizabeth Wilson-Patton, Assistant Professor, ESL, Southeast Campus

E-Mail Mary Elizabeth Wilson-Patton
Phone: 615-916-5873

Jeff Winsett, Computer Lab Technician

E-Mail Jeff Winsett
Phone: 615-353-3660

Mary Womack, Instructor, Biology

E-Mail Mary Womack
Phone: 615-353-3361

Lance Woodard, Director of Records and Registration

E-Mail Lance Woodard
Phone: 615-353-3218
Fax: 615-353-3227

John Woodman, Instructor, Psychology

E-Mail John Woodman
Phone: 615-353-3710

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