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A committee comprised of the President, administration, faculty, staff, and students, worked to produce a plan that would introduce lasting changes to improve fall-to-fall student retention rates. Their work resulted in the creation of the Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP), which outlines the activities in the five-year Implementation Strategy. Following are NSCC’s strategies to stop the circular pattern of student attrition associated with its poor retention rates:

  1. Strengthening Student Services - Implement enhancements in Student Services through the incorporation of additional staff, training, and technologies for Admissions Advising, Academic Advising, and Career Advising
  2. Faculty Training for Advising - Implement faculty-led enhancements for faculty training on advising and develop additional advising resources for faculty
  3. Online Instruction Enhancements - Implement Quality Matters course reviews of all online courses, faculty development for online course curriculum development, and incorporate training orientations for students in online academic courses

Surveys of students and faculty advisors, project reports, and assessments of an External Evaluator will provide the necessary feedback to make refinements of each strategy as needed.


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