Acceptable Use and Wireless Access

Nashville State Community College urges everyone in its community to abide by the computer acceptable use policy and comply with copyright law. Copying or sharing music or other copyrighted material, including software, without a permissible copyright defense, such as Fair Use, or a valid license, is not only a violation of the college’s and the Tennessee Board of Regent’s policies, it is illegal. It may have dire personal consequences and jeopardize the individual’s continued enrollment or continued employment, as well as future job prospects.

Acceptable Use Policy (PDF)

Wireless Access on NSCC Campus - Policy and Procedures

Wireless Access on NSCC Campus
Policy and Procedures

NSCC has created a college wide wireless network. This wireless access network functions on the Main Campus and on the Southeast Campus at this time, and will be extended to the Humphrey’s County and Cookeville campuses in the near future.

For Faculty, Staff and Students - use NSCCWIRELESS.

For Non-Students - use NSCCOPEN.

NSCCWIRELESS is a secured network with required authentication by students and faculty.
NSCCOPEN allows more limited access for NSCC guests and public access.

XP AND VISTA USERS, PLEASE NOTE: Users with Microsoft XP or Microsoft Vista may need to reconfigure the wireless access on their devices to accept PEAP connections. All NSCC wireless access points are centrally monitored and secured. Guidelines for connection or configuration are found at:

XP Configuration for NSCC Wireless Access or at:


SECURITY: The security policies on the wireless network will accept 802.11G and 802.11N compatible devices using WPA2 radius identification.

NSCC cannot guarantee connectivity with all devices, Operating Systems, and wireless 802.11 systems.

If you connect to other services, SSIDs or access points that do not begin with "NSCC" your data may not be secure and NSCC cannot provide Help Desk assistance.

NSCC makes no guarantees, real or implied, concerning service, security of data, data rates, bandwidth, or quality of services. Wireless 802.11 is by design and specification a public channel. NSCC will verify if wireless services are operational under normal conditions. If an ISP provider problem is detected, the carrier will be notified as soon as practical, but no time frame for restoration of service can be made.

Under no circumstances will laptops or wireless devices which are not property of NSCC or the State of Tennessee, be configured, set up, or otherwise managed by NSCC personnel.

Failure to connect through the network, once the operation of the local routers is verified, is the full responsibility of the owner of the device(s) attempting to connect using the then current Security Access systems.

NSCC personnel will not make any attempt to fix a problem on a non-NSCC device. Devices containing offending software, spyware, etc., or creating network problems, may be blocked by NSCC management at any time without prior warning.

ACCEPTABLE USE: Each student, faculty, or staff member signs an “Acceptable Use Policy” for NSCC equipment and usage. Any and all use of the NSCC wireless access system is covered under the NSCC Acceptable Use Policy found just above this Wireless Policy.

This policy applies to use of the wireless services on campus. Visitors or Guests should sign a copy of this policy before using NSCC services, but the policy guidelines remain in force for their use of NSCC services even if no use policy has been signed.

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