NSCC Expressway Cohort Program

November 01, 2013

The Tennessee Board of Regents and Tennessee’s Community Colleges have responded to the call to help more Tennesseans complete college in myriad ways, including its Finish Faster programs. At Nashville State Community College, the Expressway cohort program allows students to move through program requirements in a pre-determined sequence so they can finish faster.

Finish Faster

For more information about the TBR Finish Faster programs, check out the video and Web site.

NSCC Expressway Cohort Program

The NSCC Expressway cohort program allows student to begin and complete your degree or technical certificate with a group of individuals committed to their education and life goals. Courses are offered in a pre-determined sequence that allows students to finish their program of study in the shortest amount of time possible and to plan around their family and work schedules.

Download Expressway Cohort Programs
Expressway Program Application

NSCC Expressway Cohort Programs of Study

Degree Program (Humphreys County Campus Only)

Certificate Programs (Southeast Campus Only)

Contact the NSCC Expressway Cohort Program

Expressway Cohort ProgramComplete your degree or certificate in the fastest time possible.
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