Major Construction - Minor Inconveniences

February 14, 2014

If you attend classes at the White Bridge campus, we’re sure that you’ve noticed the construction. There is a new Humanities building in progress which is scheduled to be completed in June 2015. While the building is being constructed, there will be some minor inconveniences which will occur. 
One of those inconveniences will be that the Armory Drive Entrance will be shut down to one lane at times during the construction. Starting Monday, 2/10/14, this will occur. The building contractor will have a flagman on Armory Drive to assist with traffic.
There are two other entrances to the college. Most of you are probably quite familiar with the entrance at the traffic light (which will not affected by the construction). However, there is another entrance which you might not know about. There is drive which travels behind the TCAT (the technical college located across the road on the library side of campus) and comes out on White Bridge Road. You may use this entrance as well.
Thank you for your patience will we construct and create a better college campus for us all.

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