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Frequently Asked Questions - Computer Help Desk

When can I login?
In order to log-on to the campus network, or any other service provided by NSCC,  an applicant must have first completed their application - have all transcripts, testing and all other documnets entered into the NSCC database through the Admissions office. although a student may be pre-registered for fall while summer courses are in session, he/she will not be able to access during the summer unless they are a registered student for the summer session as well. Check the NSCC Academic Calendar for semester dates.

Campus Computers
In order to log-on successfully to a NSCC campus computer a student must have these items entered correctly in the Login screen:

User Name: Your “A” Number ( issued by the Admissions office)
User Name: Your NSCC student email address (ending with
Password: Your myNSCC password (setup during your first login at
Note: Faculty or staff members may have logged into the computer making “Administration” the default domain in the drop-down list. If this is the case, simply select “Instruction” from the list and attempt the login again.

What is myNSCC?
myNSCC is a single sign-on web portal which allows students access links to practically all web service functions and information need during their college experience with NSCC. Within myNSCC, applicants and students receive current general information, news and and campus events. Information about deadlines for registration and tuition payments can be found here. An interactive site is available so that a student may register for classes and make fee payments. For those of whom are taking web classes, it contains a single clink link to NS Online. Finally, within myNSCC students have full access to their secured personal information; items such as grades and transcripts.

What is NS Online?
NS Online is a web-based system of courses offerings, hosted and instructed by NSCC. Many of our traditional on-campus classes have been adapted for instruction using the NS Online system. Some classes are instructed fully through the web, while hybrid courses offer the best of both worlds providing on campus instruction in addition to NS Online web elements.

How do I Login to myNSCC or NS Online?
Go to

User Name = Your “A” Number
Password = (a password that you create during the first log on)

Students initially obtain their “A” number from either the Admissions office or the Records office. If you forget your password, try the “Forgot Password” function first. Simply input your “A” number and then click the “Forgot Password” button. You’ll be asked the security questions that you were prompted to input when you first signed in. Simply answer it and enter a new password.

Why can’t I access myNSCC from work?
myNSCC is a secure site and may be blocked by your employer. Your IT administrators can add “” as a trusted site to allow access. You should always be able to access the site from a campus computer or from your personal computer at home. For more detailed information visit the Computer Help Desk for Students

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