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Services Available
The Student Disability Services staff provides advising, advocacy, and facilitation of accommodations to ensure that all students have equal access to a quality education. Staff also provide reasonable accommodations for community members with disabilities who wish to attend college events.

Student Disability Services (SDS) staff assist students who have documented physical, emotional, or learning disabilities. SDS personnel assist eligible students with admissions, admissions testing, academic planning, registration, testing (including pre-admission testing and/or assessments), and communication with faculty. SDS is administered through Student Services and provides services to students at all campus locations.

Academic Modifications
Students are assisted with Academic adjustments and modifications to ensure that the requirements do not result in the improper denial of any reasonable accommodation or result in discrimination on the basis of a disability. Requests for modification of academic requirements that are essential to the program of instruction or directly related to licensing will not be considered “reasonable” and thus will not be provided as an accommodation.

Recent (within the last 3-4 years) medical documentation to support the existence of a qualifying disability is required.

To Request Student Academic and/or Public Event Accommodations
Contact: Ms. Gina Jones, Student Disabilities Services Coordinator
Nashville State Community College
Student Services Building, S-114
120 White Bridge Pike
Nashville, TN 37209
Phone: 615-353-3721

To Request Public Event Accommodations
Contact: Ms. Lori Maddox, Section 504 and Title II Coordinator
Nashville State Community College
Weld Administration Building, W-05
120 White Bridge Pike
Nashville, TN 37209
Phone: 615-353-3305

Process List

  1. Apply*
  2. Complete Admissions Application
  3. Make SDS appointment
  4. Bring disability documentation
  5. Register for classes
  6. Contact SDS for scheduling
  7. Get Accommodations Forms
  8. Communicate with class instructors

*NOTE: If accommodations are needed for admissions tests or assessments, contact Student Disability Services at 615-353-3721.

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