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8am Saturday to 12pm Sunday myNSCC will be unavailable.
For course access:

  • NSCC Web Courses: Access directly through NS Online
    To log on, your “A” number and six-digit PIN are required.
  • RODP Web Courses: Access directly through RODP
    To log on, use your standard RODP password.

myNSCC Instructions

Spring Registration: New Course Section Numbering System (PDF)

myNSCC “How To” Video

Need help navigating myNSCC? Click here for an informative “How To” video. You can learn steps for logging in, registering, and finding NSCC Online classes.

Notice to Students: NSCC Online and RODP Web Course Access

If myNSCC is not available, use NSCC Online Login (Use “A” number and six-digit PIN) to access classes. Use RODP Login (Use your standard RODP password) for RODP course access.

If you enroll in an NSCC Web class, NSCC hybrid class or an RODP Web class, all students must complete the online orientation to begin their courses.

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