Chris, Business

Nashville State's costs can't be beat. At a much lower cost than at universities, Nashville State is the wise choice for students looking to save money on their college education.

Cristos, Business

I was very anxious about enrolling after being out of school for so long. The Clarksville staff did everything possible to help me acclimate to the requirements of college.

Justina, Music Technology

I want to get into demo work and my classes are helping me make connections. We also actually get to go in the studio—hands-on—and record, sing, play an instrument or do the mastering.

Matt, Computer Information Systems

Technology is in a constant flux because it changes so quickly. Nashville State has helped me stay on the front end of these technology changes.

Stephanie, Culinary Arts

Nashville State has definitely prepared me for my career. You get a very well-rounded education which makes you more valuable to the company you work for.

Jenni, Social Work

The teachers and staff have always been willing to help me. There have been times when I didn’t think I could handle school and they helped me make it through.

Rita, History

After being out of school for 18 years, I needed to start at the beginning. I knew this would be the place to do that. I feel so welcomed here.

Danielle, Education

I really enjoy my psychology class and my instructor’s way of teaching. Through discussion, we are developing our critical thinking skills.

Tyler, Dual Enrollment student

The instructors take care to make sure we understand what we’re studying. I like the smaller class sizes because they provide a comfortable learning environment for the students.

Jasmine, Dual Enrollment student

I love my English Comp class. I can speak up and state my opinion. My professor is the best and my classmates are very supportive.

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