Achieving the Dream

Achieving the Dream

Achieving the Dream is a national initiative focused on addressing equity issues in community colleges. In 2018 Nashville State Community College joined the Achieving the Dream program with the intention to provide quality and accessible education to students and families in the Nashville community.

Equity Statement

Nashville State Community College has a relentless commitment to the transformation of our institution through the intentional design of college experiences that expect and promote excellence from students, faculty, staff and administration. We consider equity to be an obligation of higher education. We strive to ensure that each student receives what that student needs to be successful, with goals of success beyond the classroom. We do this through an evidence-based and collaborative effort, understanding that our student population has diverse needs that must be addressed. We recognize that this effort may not always be comfortable and that partnering with students is the driving force to overcome barriers to success.

Over the next three years NSCC will be focused on the following goals:

  • Increasing first time, full-time student retention rate
  • Closing the retention gap between first time, full-time Caucasian and African American students
  • Reducing the number of first time, full-time students earning 0 credit hours within the first semester
  • Closing the gap between first time, full-time Caucasian and African American students earning 0 credits within the first semester