Coronavirus Resources

Coronavirus Resources

Nashville State Community College continues to monitor COVID-19. We encourage faculty, staff, and students to remain vigilant with personal health.

This webpage will serve as the information source for Nashville State relating to the Coronavirus outbreak and our response. In addition to College announcements, this site contains links to national, state, and local informational resources that provide updates on the outbreak.

Visitor White Bridge Campus Access Map (Student Services and Weld buildings)

*All entry/welcome points for extended campuses are located at the main entrance.

Campus Safety Requirements

Because of COVID-19, anyone coming on-campus will need to follow certain safety protocols. At this time, please know:

  • Visitors may enter (though not required) the White Bridge campus through the Weld (W) building and Student Services (S) building for helpful assistance. For extended campuses, use the main entries.
  • Individuals who are feeling ill, with common COVID-19 symptoms or other symptoms, or who have been exposed to or diagnosed with COVID 19, should not come to campus.
  • Students should communicate directly with faculty if they are sick and need to miss class. Faculty will work with students individually on when to return to class. Students should follow guidance from their healthcare provider or use the Tennessee Department of Health guidelines.
  • Faculty and staff, please report any exposure you have had or a diagnosis of COVID-19 to your direct supervisor, including any health changes that occur after being admitted to campus.
  • The College will continue to follow the guidance provided by the Tennessee Department of Health.
  • Facilities staff will continue established cleaning practices for bathrooms, public spaces, and classrooms.

What Students and Visitors Need to Know

  • Contact the office that you wish to make an appointment with. While an appointment is not required, it is recommended. A list of student services contact information on all campuses is on the student online resources page.
  • Limited campus computers are available. You can make an appointment to use a computer on campus. More information about campus computers can be found here.
  • Students are expected to follow all campus safety requirements.
  • Visitors may enter (though not required) the White Bridge campus through the Weld (W) building and Student Services (S) building for helpful assistance. For extended campuses use main entries.

  • For everyone’s safety, all water fountains are temporarily unavailable.

  • Visitor's Procedure: To ensure a safe and supportive environment for students and Nashville State employees, please follow Nashville State COVID-19 safety guidelines while on-campus.

Guiding Principles

Nashville State's priority is the safety of our students, faculty, and staff while carrying out our mission.

  • We will follow applicable Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, state and local health guidelines.
  • We will be flexible to address new situations and changes in requirements, guidelines, and best practices.