Honors College

Honors College

Enrich your college coursework.

Push the limits with Honors College at Nashville State.

Enhance your strong academic record and commitment to excellence. Apply to the Honors program at Nashville State and challenge your talents.

Participate in academic enrichment activities such as attending conferences and and field trips related to your studies. Interact closely with faculty on special projects promoting active investigation and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

Receive special recognition at graduation as well as honors credit designations on your transcripts. Transfer your honors courses to Tennessee universities honors programs to further your college career success after you graduate.

Requirements and Application

See the Honors College application for admission and program requirements: Download Honors College Application PDF.

Honors College Contact

René Bataille, Senior Advisor
Rene.Bataille@nscc.edu ~ 615-353-3525
Office D-14, D Building

Honors Curriculum

Earn honors credit in the following courses by establishing a contract arrangement with the instructor: Download Student/Instructor Honors College Contract PDF.

All courses may be available for honors credit. Check with the appropriate instructor.