Peer Mentoring

Building a Community of Student Success

Our Mission

The mission of the Office of Peer Mentoring is to help incoming students to successfully integrate into the campus community by offering support in connecting to college resources, advisors, and staff as well as community resources when applicable. Peer Mentors will actively listen and engage in conversations with assigned students in an effort to inspire mentees to think critically and to persist in finding solutions when they encounter obstacles to their success so that they may stay motivated and persist in their education at NSCC.

Program Benefits

When a mentee commits to their academic success and selects the Peer Mentoring Program, everyone benefits. The mentees, mentors, and the Nashville State community will receive numerous benefits.

Benefits to Mentors

  • To share one's knowledge and expertise
  • To enhance self-esteem
  • To share academic, leadership, career, and learning goals
  • To enjoy the feeling of being useful and supportive
  • A meaningful resume entry

Benefits to Mentees

  • To learn more about the college and the community
  • To build self-esteem
  • To enhance self-motivation, self-discipline, and goal setting
  • To be successful in one's academic career
  • To be motivated by academic success

Benefits to Nashville State

  • Increase in student retention
  • Increase in cultural diversity awareness
  • Improve instructor/student rapport
  • Improve campus climate



K-205G, Kisber Building
White Bridge Road Campus
120 White Bridge Road
Nashville, TN 37209