Safety and Security

Safety and Security

The Security Department provides 24-hour, 365-day service. Security guards patrol the campus by car and by foot around the clock. The department is augmented by a closed-circuit television system, hand-held portable radios, and cell phones.

Education in Prevention

Almost every violation committed on campus is preventable. As part of Nashville State’s educational mission, the Department of Safety and Security attempts to teach members of the campus community how to reduce their chances of suffering a violation of their property or themselves.

Crime Prevention Program

The Department’s crime prevention program is based upon the dual concepts of eliminating or minimizing criminal opportunities, whenever possible, and encouraging students and employees to be responsible for their own security and the security of others.

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Security Office: E-14
Security Station: First Floor Lobby, Student Services Center
120 White Bridge Pike
Nashville, TN 37209

Security Services

  • Escort Services: The Safety and Security Department provides escort services upon request 24 hours a day to students and staff.
  • Battery Service: We are equipped to jump-start vehicles due to dead batteries.
  • Lock-Outs: If you locked your keys in the car we will attempt to pop your lock. You will have to sign a liability release form, unless you have power locks. Because of the complicated wiring in those vehicles, we cannot attempt to unlock the vehicles.
  • Crime Prevention Presentations: Crime prevention presentations are conducted annually to such groups as physical plant staff; international students; student government; students, faculty and staff; and other recognized student organizations.
  • Hate Crimes: The federal Right-To-Know Act requires the reporting of all incidents where prejudice against race, religion, sexual orientation, or ethnicity is employed during the commission of murder, forcible rape, aggravated assault, and violation or arrest relating to weapons, drugs, or alcohol. Annual reports reflect all incidents reported in any of these categories.
  • Printed Crime Prevention Materials: Crime prevention brochures are distributed at crime prevention presentations and at various locations throughout the campus.
  • Electronic Alarm Systems: A sophisticated electronic monitoring system located in the Department of Safety and Security has a comprehensive network of intrusion on devices and alarm systems.
  • Closed-Circuit Television System: This system provides instant access to all campus buildings.
  • Facilities Surveys: Security personnel conduct comprehensive surveys of exterior lighting, exterior doors and grounds.
  • Rape Awareness, Education, and Prevention: In cooperation with the Dean of Student Services, the department provides rape awareness education and prevention presentations to the campus community.

Crime Reporting

Numerous efforts are made to advise the campus community on a timely basis about campus crime and crime-related problems. These efforts include the following:

  • Annual Report: A comprehensive annual report of crime-related information is compiled, published, and widely distributed. This annual report is available to any member of the campus community. Download the Annual Security Report
  • Daily Crime Log: Download Daily Crime Log
  • Special Alert: If circumstances warrant, specially printed crime alerts are prepared and distributed to the appropriate persons.