Southern Word 1800

Southern Word at NSCC

Get involved.

Collaborative begins September 18.

Tuesdays 12–1:30, S bldg. Bookstore Commons Area

Southern Word at Nashville State hosts spoken word gatherings and open mics for writers, rappers, singers, and poets, as well as for anyone interested in audio production. Southern Word promotes a motivational space to connect with other poets writing for a purpose—to showcase NSCC’s talent and skills for the betterment of the community.

Connect with the larger student writer community.

We know that other poets provide the best motivation to develop as writers, performers, and people.
–from the Southern Word website

Find connections with student writers from all backgrounds and all places. Read more about Southern Word at Nashville State and other area universities:

Learn about Southern Word at Student Organizations Day September 12.


Contact Southern Word advisor Jarrel Pierson: