Faculty Emeritus

Faculty Emeritus-Emerita Policy

Emeritus/emerita is an honorary title given to already retired faculty or given in anticipation of the retirement of a faculty member to be effective upon retirement. The title is awarded in recognition of his/her contributions and distinguished service and to encourage his/her continued association with the college. Faculty members who are awarded this status will retain their rank at the time of retirement followed by the designation “Emeritus/Emerita.”

The title carries no formal associated responsibilities or compensation; however, a retired faculty member may volunteer to perform tasks or undertake responsibilities consistent with his/her expertise and experience. The emeritus/emerita status is conferred for life, subject to the same policies for termination as apply for an active tenured faculty member. See TBR Policy 5:02:01:10 for enabling language.


In order to be considered for emeritus(a) status, the retiree must be tenured and have a minimum of ten (10) years of continuous, full-time (no equivalent) service as a teaching faculty member in the TBR system. If the title is given in anticipation of retirement, it will not become effective until retirement has occurred.

A faculty member who continues to be employed on a limited basis is considered to be retired for purposes of consideration for emeritus(a) status if the faculty member is eligible to receive retirement benefits. This would include faculty who participate in the Post-Retirement Program.

A faculty member in good standing may be granted emeritus(a) status. Any faculty member retired prior to approval of this policy that has not previously been awarded emeritus(a) status may be appointed to such status retroactively to the date of his/her retirement.

The President of the college may confer the emeritus(a) status in case of a disability retirement.


Current faculty may, through their Faculty Senators, nominate a retired colleague to the Faculty Senate for consideration as Faculty Emeritus. The nomination shall include evidence or documentation of distinguished service to the college. It shall also include evidence of support from the faculty member’s division and/or campus. Upon due and timely consideration, the Faculty Senate shall decide whether or not to recommend that the President consider designation of the faculty member as Faculty Emeritus. A form has been developed to guide the process and can be obtained from the Office of Human Resources.

Privileges and Benefits

Emeritus(a) faculty shall be entitled to privileges, benefits, or services as are generally accorded to all faculty. Faculty Emeritus/Emerita status may also include, but not be limited to, the following:

  1. Faculty tuition or maintenance fee reimbursement;
  2. Faculty audit program;
  3. Educational Assistance for spouse and dependent children;
  4. Access to the Library;
  5. Faculty parking decal;
  6. Listing in appropriate college publications, including the college catalog;
  7. Inclusion of Emeritus(a) status on a plaque to be maintained by the Faculty Senate;
  8. Access to academic, cultural, entertainment, or athletic activities or events as available to all faculty members;
  9. Invitation to participate in graduation ceremonies and/or special occasions;
  10. Appropriate web listing on the college home page for Faculty Emeriti; and/or
  11. A certificate attesting to Faculty Emeritus status with retiree logo.

All privileges and benefits accorded Emeritus(a) faculty carry with them the same responsibilities as they do for regular faculty.

Listings and benefits shall continue until the recipient requests them to cease, the recipient becomes incapacitated, or the recipient dies.