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The Office of Online Learning is dedicated to providing faculty with training, resources, and support so they can confidently and competently instruct in the online environment. As updates to D2L and other supported tools occur we will continue to update our resources for Nashville State.

LTI Integration Process for D2L

The Office of Online Learning (OOL) has implemented a Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) approval process for the addition of all external tool integrations into D2L. The approval process for each tool will include a review of Functionality, Accessibility, Security, Compliance with University policies, Cost, and other factors. Faculty should consult OOL before considering an LTI integration when working with vendors. Be advised the review process could take several weeks. Please verify the request is not supplied by our existing vendors (Edit Course > External Learning Tools).

A Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI) is an external piece of software that can be plugged into the learning management system (D2L) to extend its functionality.

  • Each LTI has a different license agreement and different access to data from D2L which involves a review process.
  • Full-time Faculty or Division Deans will have to submit the request form to OOL.
  • Vendors will have to provide information on licensing, accessibility, privacy, security, cost, etc...
  • Submission deadlines will be eight weeks prior to the start of the semester to allow time for approvals.
    • Fall Semester Deadline: June 1
    • Spring Semester Deadline: November 1
    • Summer Semester Deadline: March 1
  • Production installation is three times a year - targeted one week prior to the start of the semester (Fall, Spring, start of Summer).

When an LTI Request is submitted, OOL will:

  1. Review the request and may contact you for additional information, suggestions for alternatives, or issues with the request,
  2. Approve/deny the request for Procurement processing.

For requests that do not fall into this category, or if you are uncertain, please submit your request to online.learning@nscc.edu.

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