Course Program of Study

Federal financial aid only pays for classes that are required for your CPoS

CPoS stands for "Course Program of Study" and Federal aid will only pay for courses that are required for the program!

What does this mean for you?

  • Only classes needed for graduation in your current major will be covered, this includes prerequisite classes; including Learning Support and ESOL courses (as long as eligible).
  • Work closely with your academic advisor on ensuring that you are choosing the correct classes.
  • You should use Degree Works to check that you have declared the correct major.
  • If you need to do a change of major, use the “What If” function in Degree Works to review the effect a change of major will have on your progression to graduation.
  • You must file the change of major form with the Records office by the deadline each term.
  • Complete the NSCC Financial Aid Application online (be sure to answer the question about miscellaneous charges) to make the most of your aid. The link to this is in your MyNSCC account under financial aid requirements.

After the first two weeks of classes, changes to your schedule will not result in an increase to any federal aid.

How will I know if my class is covered?

  • The class shows as a requirement on your Degree Works.
  • You have signed paperwork with your advisor to substitute a required class (must be submitted to Records before the first two weeks of class for that semester).
  • You are retaking a previously passed required course for the first time.
  • Classes that are not covered will show on your MyNSCC alert box. Log into your MyNSCC account to view your personal alert box.

Who do I contact, if I have questions?

  • Questions about required courses, contact your advisor.
  • Questions about major changes, contact your advisor.
  • Questions about Financial Aid, contact the Financial Aid Office at 615-353-3250 or
  • Questions about graduation, contact the Records Office at 615-353-3197 or