Financial Aid Fee Deferment

Financial Aid Fee Deferment

If you have applied for Financial Aid and have submitted all forms and documents, you may be eligible to apply to defer payment of your fees until your paper work is reviewed. If eligible, this will allow you to enroll and attend classes until your eligibility can be determined without requiring an upfront cash payment to secure your schedule.

Meet the qualifications.

In order to qualify for the deferment, you must:

  1. Have completed a FAFSA for the correct aid year.
  2. Have submitted all paperwork requirements to the Financial Aid Office.
  3. Not have issues outside of verification preventing you from being awarded aid.
  4. Have met NSCC standards for academic progress.
  5. Be a resident of Tennessee for tuition purposes.
  6. Have been admitted to the college (required to confirm residency).

Apply for the deferment.

  1. Log in to myNSCC.
  2. Click My Self Service on left.
  3. Select Student tab.
  4. Choose Student Account from the menu.
  5. Click the last link Financial Aid Payment Deferment. When you click Financial Aid Payment Deferment, your status will be checked to see if you qualify to defer your fees.


If you have questions regarding your eligibility e-mail the financial aid office at

Due to the high volume of calls/emails and the short time remaining before fees are due, it is recommended that you visit the Financial Aid Office or one of the Student Services offices at the campus you wish to attend to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.