Tornado Relief Resources

Please know that due to COVID-19, on-site services are limited for the time being.

Nashville State has a designated United Way of Greater Nashville student support manager, Ms. Jay Mazon, or (615) 499-6813, and a financial counselor, Ms. Tierra Fuller, Both are ready to assist you with your questions and needs.

To Help Support Relief Efforts

College employees, friends, alumni, and supporters:

We are working to bolster our existing resources to better serve those in crisis. We remain committed to removing the types of everyday financial and social obstacles that keep students from continuing their studies and we want to make especially sure that no student has to drop out due to a lack of support following this natural disaster.

As part of our efforts, we want to share with you a few ways that you can help us help others:

Support our Helping Hand Fund

This fund allows us to provide critical short-term assistance to students in crisis via gift cards, gas cards, 7-day bus passes, textbook credits, replacement technology, and so on. Because the majority of our students are low-income, operate on tight budgets, and receive financial aid as the only means to finance their educations, a short-term emergency like a natural disaster can interrupt and often end their educational aspirations. Donations to the Helping Hand Fund can be made by visiting; under designation, select “Beyond Financial Aid – Helping Hand Fund”.

Metro Nashville Government Tornado Resource Information