Finn the Falcon

Falcon’s always “Return to the Nest,” and that is what happened the week of September 12, 2022, at Nashville State Community College. Nashville State unveiled its mascot during a series of on-campus events welcoming Finn’s Return to the Nest, which has turned into an annual event on each campus the first couple months of the fall semester. Finn can be seen at various events on-campus or at events with partners of the college.

Nashville State Community College's mascot Finn the FalconFor a number of years, “Francis” the Falcon had a residence on Nashville State’s White Bridge campus. During that time, Francis, quietly, watched over the College as it grew and expanded across northern middle Tennessee counties. Always working behind the scenes to build and foster a sense of community among other Falcons.

As the Falcon family has grown and individuals have made their enduring imprint in communities not only in Tennessee but throughout the United States, there has been a stronger urgency for Francis’ offspring to build a more public sense of community.

Now, Francis’ grandchild, “Finn,” has begun to take on responsibility looking over, supporting, and championing the Nashville State Community College Falcon family, which includes alumni, students, and employees—-past and present. In the end, the Falcon’s know we are all part of one family.

Finn plans to carry the proud Falcon family tradition while also sharing many of the same characteristics that make people living in northern middle Tennessee so special.

Those characteristics include intelligence, vitality, strength of heart, ambitiousness, and having acute vision and sense of direction.

Finn is now calling to all the individuals who have called Nashville State home, that it is time to come together and support the newest members of the Falcon family, every campus and the communities we serve in a bold new way. It is time to return to the nest! 

Who is Finn?

Traits: Friendly, approachable, energetic, trustworthy, caring, and always learning.

Hobbies: Cheering on and championing on his fellow Falcons. 

What Makes Finn the Happiest?: Giving and receiving high-fives.