Safety & Security

The Security Department provides 24-hour, 365-day service. Security guards patrol the campus by car and on foot around the clock. The department is augmented by a closed-circuit television system, hand-held portable radios, and cell phones.

Emergency Procedures

Security Services

Crime Prevention

Almost every violation committed on campus is preventable. As part of Nashville State’s educational mission, the Department of Safety and Security attempts to teach members of the campus community how to reduce their chances of suffering a violation of their property or themselves.

The Department’s crime prevention program is based upon the dual concepts of eliminating or minimizing criminal opportunities, whenever possible, and encouraging students and employees to be responsible for their own security and the security of others.

Crime Reports

Numerous efforts are made to advise the campus community on a timely basis about campus crime and crime-related problems. These efforts include the following: 

Contact the Office of Safety & Security

Feel free to call, email, or stop by our office. We're here for you!


Security Office: E-14
Security Station: First Floor Lobby, S-Building

White Bridge Campus


8 AM – 4:30 PM