Evacuation & Safe Areas

Safe Area Plan

Nashville State Community College has an evacuation and safe area plan in place at each campus.

Tornado Safety

The Police and Security Department monitor all weather situations. In the event of a tornado warning within five miles of the college's campus the NSCC alarm system will be activated. Emergency Team Members have been assigned to all buildings and will ensure that all building occupants are notified.

In the event of a safe-area situation (i.e., tornado), the following message will be heard: "May I have your attention please! The National Weather Service has issued a severe weather warning for our area."

When this announcement is issued, everyone must calmly walk to a predesignated "Safe Area" and remain until the "All Clear" message is issued.

Always Be Prepared

Nashville State monitors the weather for tornado activity, but you can download free weather apps that can warn you of tornado watches and/or warnings. If you sign up for RAVE, we may also send weather related information to you.

Here are some useful tips that can help you:

Staff & Faculty

Evacuation Plan

There are different reasons why a building may need to be evacuated. An evacuation message will be issued over the intercom and may also be joined by a RAVE message. Evacuation maps are posted in classrooms and at various locations throughout campus.

In the event of an evacuation, each department head is to make sure their sure is clear before leaving. Each department head is to designate an alternate in case they are not available. Teachers are to do the same for their classroom.

Evacuation and Safe Area Maps