Alarm Systems & Sounds

Nashville State is equipped with fire alarms as well as an emergency alert intercom system, both of which operate with in conjunction with strobe lights. In the event of an emergency or hazard, there are a series of potential alerts that may be announced over the intercom system which necessitate everyone’s full attention and cooperation. Each alert message will continue to repeat itself until it is deactivated. The cessation of the message itself does not mean the particular event has concluded. Please wait for the “All Clear” message to be announced or for instructions to be issued by the proper authorities to do so. A RAVE Message may accompany such an event.

Types of Alarms


If a Tornado Warning is issued for the immediate area, the "Severe Weather Warning" message will be issued and everyone will need to go directly to a predetermined "safe area."

Severe Weather Warning Alert
"May I have your attention please. The National Weather Service has issued a SEVERE WEATHER WARNING for our area."

If there is a building fire, heavy smoke, or a similar event, the fire alarms and/or "Fire Emergency" message will initiate and everyone must evacuate.

Fire or Heavy Smoke Alert
"May I have your attention please. A FIRE EMERGENCY has been reported in the building. While this is being verified, please LEAVE the building by the nearest exit. Do not use the elevators."

General/Other Emergency Alert

"May I have your attention please. An EMERGENCY has been reported in the building. While this is being verified, please LEAVE the building and report to the designated assembly area for your group."

If there is a verifiable or potential threat that would require the building to go into a lockdown where all inhabitants shelter in place, an alert message will be announced over the intercom system.

Outside Danger Lockdown Alert
"May I have your attention please. A SIGNIFICANT EVENT OUTSIDE requires this building to LOCKDOWN. During this event, no one is allowed to enter or exit the building. Lockdown procedures to begin immediately."

Inside Danger Lockdown Alert
"May I have your attention please. A DANGEROUS SITUATION exists inside the building. Follow LOCKDOWN procedures and await further instructions."

There exists a scenario in which all inhabitants will have to make a decision to either evacuate or to lockdown/shelter in place based on their precise location in relation to the threat at that point in time. The alert message is consistent with the "Run, Hide, Fight" philosophy of practice in relation to Active Shooter (aka Active Killer) scenarios. Take note, this message would also apply to an individual who is armed with weapons other than firearms.

Active Shooter Warning
"Attention! Warning! An ACTIVE SHOOTER is on campus. EVACUATE the building immediately or begin LOCKDOWN precedures and await further instructions."

If an event is determined to be over or otherwise non-existent, an All-Clear message will be announced.

All-Clear Message
"The Building Emergency has ended. The ALL-CLEAR is given. Please resume normal activities."

Nashville State conducts routine tests of the emergency alert system. A message may be played while conducting the testing. One does not need to take any action when a test message is heard.

Test Message
"May I have your attention please. This is a TEST of the Cooper will call evacuation system. Repeat, this is only a test."

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