Learn something new.

While valuable, a college degree isn’t always what every student needs. Degrees take students two or four years, and sometimes even longer. Earn a Technical Certificate in just a year and immediately see the benefits at work, try a few NSCC courses to see what you like, or take a single course to learn something new. Nashville State has several options if you’re looking for a non-degree program.

Steps to Apply for a Certificate or Non-Degree

  1. Submit an NSCC application.
    Summer and Fall 2023 applications are open now.
    Apply Online
  2. Send your high school transcript and official transcripts for any colleges attended previously.
    All transcripts must be official and sent to NSCC directly from your previous institution. Official transcripts can be sent to NSCC in one of three ways:
    1. E-Transcript Service: National Student Clearinghouse or Parchment, using admissions@nscc.edu as the receiving account.
    2. Mailed by the previous school:
      NSCC Office of Admission
      120 White Bridge Pike
      Nashville, TN 37209
    3. Delivered in person by the student in an envelope sealed by the records office. If the envelope is opened, the transcript will not be accepted.
  3. Provide proof of United States citizenship or lawful presence.
  4. Read the information below.
    These student types outline any additional requirements and information.

Technical Certificates

Technical certificates are 1-year programs that help students get a job or get better at their current job. Students enrolled in a technical certificate program are considered non-degree students.

If the certificate has college-level course work, you will be required to take a placement assessment in addition to the steps above. Contact the Office of Admissions for details.

Special Student

You are a special student if you are not enrolled in a degree program, but wish to take one or more courses in order to gain employment skills, professional growth, or personal enrichment.

Realize that although special students are not required to complete normal assessment procedures, the content of college-level courses assumes mastery of fundamental knowledge, skills, and aptitudes required for the course. Enrollment in a college-level English or mathematics course requires evidence you are prepared for the course content—evidence such as college transcripts, or placement test scores/ACT or SAT examination scores.

Transient Students

You are considered a transient student if you are already enrolled in another institution, but would like to take a limited number of credit hours during a term at NSCC. As long as you aren’t working towards a degree at NSCC, you may be admitted as a transient student. If any financial aid is available for you, you would need to contact the financial aid office at your home school.

In lieu of submitting a college or university transcript, you may complete the Transient Student Approval Request form. Download Transient Student Form

Audit Students

Nashville State also welcomes audit students who want to take courses not for credit, but for their own academic exploration and personal enrichment. Every audit student is expected to attend class but does not receive a letter grade or course credit. An “AU” will appear on the student’s record for completion of an audit course. Audit hours are counted in determining a student’s maximum course load.

Audit students enroll in classes with space available on the first day of late registration, and do not incur a late registration fee.

As an audit student, you may NOT:

  • Change status from credit to audit or audit to credit once officially enrolled.
  • Audit college-prep courses.
  • Audit a TN eCampus course.
  • Use a fee waiver to audit courses if you are a state employee.