Transfer Credit Policy and Procedures

Transfer of Credit

NSCC Transfer Credit Policy

Credit will be awarded to transfer students when the following standards are met:

  1. The student must matriculate (enroll) at NSCC.
  2. Official college or university transcripts from each institution are on file in the student’s NSCC academic record.
  3. All courses will be transferred in (including withdrawals and failures) that are undergraduate level, per the Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) Policy 02:01:00:00.
  4. NSCC does not transfer in GPA’s from other institutions. Only courses taken at NSCC will be used to compute the students GPA.

NSCC Transfer Credit Procedures

Below are the procedures for awarding transfer credit:

  1. Official college or university transcripts are submitted to and processed by the Admissions Office.
  2. Admissions forwards the transcripts to the Records Office for transfer articulation processing.
  3. Records evaluates the transcript and posts transfer credit to the student's academic record.
    1. For courses that are not in our transfer credit inventory, course descriptions are sought via College Source online by the Record Clerks; if course descriptions cannot be found, a letter is sent to the student requesting that they request course descriptions from their college/university and provide those to Records.
      1. For International transcripts, an English translation is required (if the transcript is not in English); upon receipt of the English translation, if the student wants to receive non-elective credit, they would be required to submit course descriptions.
    2. Once course descriptions are received (either from College Source or the student), they are submitted to the respective academic division coordinator for review accompanied by a “Transfer Credit Evaluation” form.
    3. The academic coordinator (or designee) will return the form to the Records Office for processing once a decision has been made regarding the transfer of credit.
  4. Students can view their transfer credit via their academic transcript on MyNSCC.