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Welcome back! If you’ve attended Nashville State in the past but have not been enrolled in classes in over a year, you’re in the right place. Pick-up where you left off and apply today. Talk to our Welcome Center staff if you have any questions.

Application Deadlines

Don't miss your chance to apply! Application deadlines are as follows:

Application Steps

Step 1: Application

Submit your application by the deadlines listed above.

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Step 2: Transcripts

Transcripts will only need to be requested again if it has been more than five years since you last attended and we no longer have your transcript on file.

Step 3: Proof of Citizenship

Every student receiving in-state tuition, or receiving state public benefits, must provide proof of citizenship or lawful presence. There are many ways you can verify this. Documents must be presented in person or uploaded to your application status portal.

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Call, email, or stop by anytime! The Nashville State Welcome Center team is here for you. If you want to speak with someone at a particular campus, find them on our Campuses page.


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