Resources for Students

Student Disability Services and Accommodations

Students who have educational, psychological, and/or physical disabilities may be eligible for accommodations that provide equal access to educational programs and activities at their home campus. These students must contact the Access Center to discuss individual needs. The student must provide documentation of the disability so that reasonable accommodations can be coordinated in a timely manner. A minimum of two weeks is usually required to arrange classroom accommodations. All students are expected to fulfill essential course requirements in a class, with or without reasonable accommodations.

Testing with Accommodations

Students who require testing accommodations, such as extended time on tests, should contact the Access Center to discuss their testing needs. After discussing with the Access Center, students may request accommodated testing via the Accommodation Online Portail (AIM).

  • Students who require accommodated testing are required to make appointments two business days in advance (by 9 AM) with the Access Center.
  • High Stakes exam appointments (CLEP, Accuplacer, etc.) require at least five business days advance notice.
  • For testing with accommodations: schedule testing appointment via the Accommodations Online Portal (AIM) or call 615-353-3721 at least two business days in advance (by 9 AM).
  • Testing Center Guidelines for Students

Tutoring Services

Learning Center and Tutoring

Prior to meeting with a tutor, you have the option to complete this brief survey if you would like the tutor to know a bit about you before the tutoring session:
Tutoring Introduction Tool