Student Government

Have a voice on campus.

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents the student body at Nashville State. SGA uses surveys, focus groups and/or open forums to gather info from the student body to share with the college’s administration.

Our Mission

The Student Government Association of Nashville State Community College will recognize the varied needs, concerns, and wants of the student body on all campuses of Nashville State Community College. We will project and represent the student’s voice and opinion by acting as the liaison with administration, faculty, and staff of Nashville State as well as strive to provide guidance and advice to our fellow students. We will actively work with the Office of Student Life to develop meaningful and exciting events and activities as well as proactively seeking innovative solutions and outcomes to create a more diverse and fulfilling experience among all students here at Nashville State Community College.

Meet the Executive Committee.

The SGA has a designated member who serves on the Nashville State Executive Committee, which is the policy-making group of the college.

SGA Officers from left to right: Anthony Ornelas, Merna Mikhaeil, Tanya Silcott, and Darrell Chambers.


Darrell Chambers
Major: Communications

Vice President

Anthony Ornelas
Major: Chemistry

Associate Vice President of Business and Finance

Tanya Silcott
Major: Early Childhood Education

Associate Vice President of Public Relations

Merna Mikhaeil
Major: Biology

SGA Student Senate

Every decision the Student Government Association (SGA) makes is based on students' needs and input. With a total of 34 senators, SGA works to solve these concerns.

To ensure our student body is heard, each Senator represents a constituency: There are 10 divisional or "college" senators, 14 campus senators, 6 diversity senators, 3 at large senators, and 1 SGA senator.

Senators will serve 2 office hours a week so they will be available to their constituencies. Each senator will sit on at least one standing committee of the college they choose or are appointed by the SGA. Each senator is also responsible for meeting with the dean or director of their constituency group at least once a month.

Senators represent the student body to the college administration and are asked to make decisions about important topics that directly impact students. This includes the issuing of charters for clubs and organizations, use of and disbursement of student fees, introduction of legislation, proposals, and resolutions, and discussion of student-related topics.

The Senate meets one to two times a month on scheduled days determined by the Senate President and all senate meetings are open to the public.

See the SGA Senate List in order to find the Senator that represents you.

If you are interested in becoming a Senator, please fill out the SGA Senator Application.


Student Services Building, Room S-114

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