Fee Adjustment Deadlines and Direct Deposit

Receive refunds easily.

If you are due a refund as the result of financial aid, cancellation of classes, changes in your schedule, or other credits due, you may have these funds processed as a direct deposit to either your personal checking or savings account.

Sign Up for Direct Deposit

You can enroll in direct deposit anytime, but there may be a delay in receiving your semester refund if you enroll after the first week of class.

  1. Log in to myNSCC.
  2. Click the My Self Service tab on left.
  3. Click the Student tab.
  4. Select Student Account.
  5. Select Update Direct Deposit Information.
  6. Enter your banking information:
    Routing Number, Account Number, Type of Account (checking/savings).
  7. Click Submit Changes.
    You will receive an email confirming that changes have been made to your account.

Direct Deposit of Student Refunds

Allow 10 working days for processing before a direct deposit can be transmitted.

The college assumes no responsibility for funds not transferred as a result of incorrect banking information. The college will not process additional direct deposits until the initial funds have been returned to the college’s bank account by your financial institution.

A refund due to a student as the result of Financial Aid, cancellation of classes, changes in student's schedule resulting in few enrolled credit hours, or other credits due will be processed as a direct deposit to each student's personal checking or savings account.

TN eCampus Information

For information on TN eCampus courses, dates, fees, refunds, deadlines, books, and more, see tnecampus.info.

Fee Adjustment Deadlines for Dropping Courses

Summer 2022

Part of Term 100% Fee Adjustment 75% Fee Adjustment 25% Fee Adjustment 0% Fee Adjustment
Full Term* May 30 Jun 8 Jun 16 Jun 17
First 5-week Term May 30 Jun 3 Jun 7 Jun 8
Second 5-week Term Jul 4 Jul 8 Jul 12 Jul 13
Open Session May 30 Jun 8 Jun 16 Jun 17
TN eCampus Full Term May 22 May 31 Jun 8 Jun 9

*Weekend and Open Parts of Term follow the same deadlines as Full Term.