HOPE Scholarship


  • A minimum 21 ACT composite or 980 SAT on a national test date or a final cumulative weighted 3.0 GPA for entering freshmen graduating from eligible public or category 1, 2, or 3 private high school is required for consideration of the HOPE Scholarship.
  • GED students must have the minimum ACT/SAT test score as stated above and an average of at least 525 on the GED test.
  • Tennessee home school and non-category 1, 2, or 3 private high school
    graduates must have the ACT/SAT test scores stated above AND must have been enrolled in a home school program for one year immediately preceding graduation and be registered with a TN local school district.
  • HiSet recipients must have a minimum 21 ACT or 980 SAT, and a minimum HiSet score average of 15.
  • The ACT Residual test is not accepted for HOPE Scholarship eligibility determination.

Applicants must enroll within 16 months following high school graduation at any postsecondary institution. However, enrollment at an ineligible postsecondary institution during the 16 months will make you permanently ineligible.

If you cease to be eligible for HOPE, except for the General Assembly Merit Scholarship or the Access Grant, you may regain HOPE one-time only after you meet the regain requirements.