Nashville State Unveils 50th Anniversary Logo


To celebrate Nashville State Community College’s golden anniversary, it has created and released a commemorative logo, with the tagline “Building Bridges, Changing Lives.”

“We wanted a visual that inspires pride and would connect with graduates of the college from 1970 to 2020,” said Dr. Shanna L. Jackson, Nashville State’s president.

During Nashville State’s 50 years, it transitioned from a technical institute to a comprehensive community college and doing so involved a name change. As a way to celebrate the past while not confusing the present, college leaders decided to focus on an image that ties both together and serves as a metaphor for the school’s legacy and ongoing mission.

The centerpiece of the logo is a bridge rising over a river with a multi-tone yellowish gold sunrise in the background.

The bridge acknowledges that the college has always been on White Bridge Road in West Nashville, and the fact that there is a bridge in every community where the college has a campus. The river is meant to symbolize a barrier that must be overcome and how Nashville State serves as a bridge to the future. The golden sunrise shows good days are ahead having earned a degree or certificate from the college.

“Building Bridges, Changing Lives” in the gold banner reinforces the visual message that Nashville State has helped thousands of individuals improve their standing in life while contributing to the health and vitality of our communities.

The bottom of the logo reads “Since 1970.” This is meant to celebrate Nashville State’s first 50 years while demonstrating that college leaders are focused on the present and preparing for the future.

Be on the lookout for more information during the course of the year in celebration of Nashville State’s 50th anniversary.

Nashville State 50th Anniversary logo
Nashville State 50th Anniversary logo.

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