Culinary and Hospitality Management Apprenticeships


Nashville State Community College is expanding its commitment to meet the local hospitality industry’s demand for a pipeline of talent. The college is partnering with a number of hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality organizations in Middle Tennessee to offer a variety of U.S. Department of Labor registered apprenticeship programs in culinary, pastry, and in hospitality management, with specializations in lodging management and restaurant management. The programs will be rolled out strategically, as the industry recovers.

Nashville State has been working with the American Culinary Federation (ACF), Hospitality TN, National Restaurant Association (NRA), and the American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) to develop ten different apprenticeship progra

The first of these apprenticeships, the ACF Certified Sous Chef apprenticeship, a two-year, 4000-hour on-the-job learning apprenticeship, which aligns with the A.A.S. in Culinary Arts, will be the first apprenticeship rolled out this Fall Semester, beginning August 17. Applications will begin to be reviewed on July 30.

  • ACF Certified Sous Chef apprenticeship, a two-year/4000-hour program aligned with the Associate of Applied Science degree (A.A.S.) in Culinary Arts.

While there are several major hotels and facilities in Nashville that have expressed interest in serving as apprentice training sites, the college is still in search of interested facilities to host culinary apprentices.

The College is also currently seeking hotels, restaurants, and other hospitality organizations that are interested in becoming training sites for restaurant and lodging management apprentices.

If your organization is interested in learning more about any of the apprenticeship programs described above, and/or you have existing employees who might benefit from additional training to help them prepare for the next step in their careers, please contact Paul Brennen with Nashville State at



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