Nashville State Student Loren Hatcher "Grateful" for Violin Gifted to Her


Loren Hatcher has many interests, but a passion is creating and sharing music.

The Visual Communications major with a concentration in Graphic Design is on course to graduate in May 2023. She is also a violinist in Nashville State’s Jazz Ensemble and is in her    second semester of Applied Violin.

“I have always had a love for music from a young age and violin just   happened to be the first instrument I tried at MNPS’s Meigs   Academic Magnet Middle School.”

“I practiced violin 24/7, and it was with me wherever I went.”

Hatcher was an orchestral member for five years while at Meigs and   then Hume-Fogg High School.

Loren’s quality of play along with her passion recently caught the attention of two staff members of The Rockley Family Foundation.

The College’s Music Associate of Fine Arts program has partnered with the Foundation for the past two years to support music education through the sale of instruments. Due to this partnership, the Foundation provides scholarships and world-class instruments to the program.

It was during a recent event on Nashville State’s White Bridge campus that good luck and generosity came to Loren.

While working the event, she had with her the violin that rarely leaves her side. Unfortunately, the violin had a large crack, which impacted the sound quality.

Eric and Robin from the Foundation took an interest in Loren, especially when they saw her violin.

“They took a look at the instrument and really had determined that her violin was not reparable for the value it was worth,” said the Foundation’s President Tobin Rockley.

With the Foundation’s core value of creating, supporting, and fostering musicians, Eric and Robin felt very strongly that gifting a new violin to Loren would make a difference to her.

The handmade violin, a Stravari Arista, is valued at approximately $10,000.

Eric and Robin personally wrote checks and got Mr. Rockley involved to make a match, with the manufacturer providing spectacular pricing as if the Foundation were donating it to an institution.

Hatcher was beyond excited about the generous gift.

“I was honestly ecstatic; I didn’t believe Eric was serious when he said the violin was mine. And I am genuinely grateful because now I can continue my music career and pursue the violin.”

Loren Hatcher, Nashville State Community College
Loren Hatcher, Nashville State Community College.

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