Kurdish Language Class Offered at Southeast Campus


Nashville has one of the largest Kurdish populations in the world outside of Kurdistan. Nashville State's Center for Workforce Development and Continuing Education, in coordination with the Indiana University's Center for Languages of the Central Asian Region in the Hamilton Lugar School of Global and International Studies, is offering a tuition-free Kurdish language class at the Southeast campus.

This course is designed for Nashvillians who regularly interact with Nashville's large Kurdish population or have a desire to learn Kurdish.

Materials in Sorani, the Kurdish spoken by the Kurds of Iran and Iraq, will provide the basis for instruction, which will focus on developing active oral skills in the language and communicating orally with native speakers of Kurdish.

Teaching will be through a variety of methods include the communicative and task-based approaches, and lessons will engage students in learning about all aspects of Kurdish culture. The language of instruction will be mixed English and Kurdish.

Classes will be every Wednesday, 6 to 8 p.m., from February 7 to April 17 (except March 6) at Nashville State's Southeast campus. 

Learn more and register: https://ww2.nscc.edu/wconnect/ace1/CourseStatus.awp1?&course=24SKUR010-1

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