Nashville State Multimedia Students Create Successful Tutorial for Healthcare Client


Every spring semester, Nashville State students in the Multimedia Practicum class work with a client on their end-of-the-year project. The Multimedia program is one of three concentrations offered in the Visual Communications’ two-year Associate in Applied Science degree program.

During the practicum semester, students have a real client and use the skills they have acquired to solve a design problem from scratch. Working directly with clients incorporates high-impact teaching and service-learning methods.

The program provides fundamentals in:

  • Audio editing (Avid Technology Pro Tools)
  • Graphic design
  • Image editing (Adobe Photoshop)
  • Pre-production (outlining, scripting, UX, storyboarding, etc.)
  • Production
  • Video editing (Adobe Premiere)
  • Web coding (HTML/CSS)

The Spring 2022 semester design team consisted of:

  • Layne Eastes
  • David (Drew) Harrison (2022 Nashville State graduate)
  • Brianna Humphries (2022 Nashville State graduate)
  • Dale Rogers (Nashville State Assistant Professor)

The client for the Spring 2022 semester students was Nashville State’s Surgical Technology program. The students, led by Associate Professor Dale Rogers, coordinated with Jay Chambers, an assistant professor of Surgical Technology and a certified technologist.

Surgical Technology Professor Jay Chambers requested the design team create an online tutorial that would show Surgical Technology students the step-by-step process of how to prepare personal health documents they would need to submit prior to their clinical.

The end project resulted in a mobile-friendly webpage that Nashville State Surgical Technology students will be using moving forward: Nashville State’s Healthcare Professions Division was so impressed with the project that the Nursing program will be using the tutorial as well.

The client for the 2021 spring practicum class was the Nashville State Community College Foundation. At the request of the Foundation, the class created a webpage that teaches students about the Campus Cupboard (food and personal assistance pantry) and how to order online. The webpage is located at

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