Thomas Seeks Career Helping Others


After earning her Master of Science in Occupational Therapy, She’noa Thomas has every confidence that she will pass the state licensure exam and become a pediatric occupational therapist. Ultimately, she would love to own her own practice.  

The 2016 graduate of Nashville State’s Health Sciences program transferred to MTSU, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science (Kinesiology) and after a little time off is now pursuing her master’s degree in occupational therapy. She’noa splits her time studying and working at Vanderbilt Cardiology.  

She believes that starting at Nashville State gave her time to learn about different professions and develop as a better student. 

“I think people get caught up on a timeline based off what other people do and have done,” she said. 

“School is challenging but when you can do it your way and with a great foundation (like Nashville State), you are more prepared for the future.”  

While at Nashville State, she took full advantage of the Tennessee Promise scholarship, where she “was fortunate enough to not have to worry about finances except for my books and other class materials.” 

However, since She’noa’s time at Nashville State, the College has been providing readily available supports to cover costs associated with books and childcare, along with free laptop loaners and food and personal care assistance. 

When looking back at her time on Nashville State’s Southeast campus, She’noa remarked, “The biggest thing for me was having someone who actually wanted to teach and help you succeed. My all-time favorite was (Associate Professor of Biology) Dr. Gracie King. She always went above and beyond in class and she set the foundation for me to pursue a career in healthcare.”  

In her occupational therapy career, She’noa sees herself working with children and young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities.  

“I get to help people get back to the lives they want to live and also build relationships along the way. I always wanted a career where I could do something different every day.”  

“We put the FUN in FUNCTION.” 

Thomas seeks career helping others
She'noa Thomas seeks career helping others. 

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