UBS Provides Funding to Nashville State


Nashville State Community College today announced that UBS, the leading global wealth manager, has committed funding for two strategic grants, aimed at local programs focused on increasing access to college and supporting students while in school. UBS will contribute $75,000 to Nashville Flex, a new program that supports part-time students through mentoring and financial aid, and $50,000 to Beyond Financial Aid, a program that helps students with support for childcare expenses, transportation, textbooks, and hardware.

“We are incredibly grateful to UBS for their investments. This will allow us to provide much-needed support for our students,” said Nashville State Community College Foundation’s Executive Director Lauren Bell. “Often, these resources are a bridge to graduation, and as Nashville State is a workforce solution partner, they help keep talented people in that pipeline. Our work is centered on making sure everyone has the same opportunities to a successful career.”

“With UBS’s significant presence in Nashville and across the state, we see first-hand the benefits of increased college completion for individuals as well as the broader community,” said Jamie Sears, Head of Community Impact and Corporate Responsibility, Americas at UBS. “We are committed to supporting programs with measurable outcomes that drive educational attainment and economic opportunity, and we’re confident that through Nashville Flex and Beyond Financial Aid, these students will go on to thrive and achieve college and career success.”

Nashville Flex

Nashville Flex is a new program created by The Tennessee College Access and Success Network that supports part-time students residing in Davidson County and attending Nashville State Community College. Nashville Flex closely mirrors Nashville GRAD, a similar program that provides support beyond just tuition assistance to full-time students. GRAD data shows that wraparound support is making a difference in student persistence. As part of Nashville Flex, part-time students will receive:

  • $150 per semester for textbooks
  • $100 monthly for transit and/or food
  • A new laptop
  • Advisor/mentoring support

Additionally, Nashville Flex aims to support neighborhoods that fall into the Nashville Promise Zone, to increase the number of students enrolling and re-engaging in higher education. Nashville Flex will train an additional 100 community members to become Reconnect Ambassadors, who will help connect potential students to the program, especially from the Classes of 2020 and 2021, to the individuals and resources they need to succeed.

“UBS’s investment in Nashville Flex is a commitment to advancing equity and opportunity in Nashville,” said Bob Obrohta, executive director of The Tennessee College Access and Success Network. “State-funded programs, such as Tennessee Promise, are only available to full-time students. Nashville Flex provides opportunities and support to students forced to choose between attending college or meeting their family’s basic needs.”

Beyond Financial Aid

Beyond Financial Aid is a student-support program administered by the Nashville State Community College Foundation. Over the past few years, programs have been developed and implemented that aid with childcare, nutrition, textbooks, and transportation. There is also a Helping Hand Fund that provides students with immediate, short-term emergency financial assistance to keep them from dropping out in times of crisis. While the Tennessee Promise scholarship and Tennessee Reconnect grant get students to college, Beyond Financial Aid helps students get through college, to graduation, and beyond.

However, the pandemic has compounded the effects of the challenge’s students face, and the utilization of the Beyond Financial Aid program has increased significantly during the past year:

Food Assistance (Campus Cupboard)

  • Over the last year, an online ordering system to access the Campus Cupboard was implemented and physical facilities were added at the Southeast (Antioch), Humphreys County, and Clarksville campuses.
  • 375 students served.

Transit Assistance

  • Due to partnerships with WeGo Public Transit and the Clarksville Transit Authority, free bus passes are available for students. Students can also request electronic gift cards for ride-share services.

Childcare Assistance

  • $24,850 has been paid in daycare fees.

Textbook Assistance

  • So far, during the 2021-2022 academic year 755 students have received textbook assistance, with the average award being $182.00.

Nashville State and its supportive strategic partners will continue to look holistically at the needs of students to ensure they are successful in college and beyond.

About UBS

UBS provides financial advice and solutions to wealthy, institutional, and corporate clients worldwide, as well as private clients in Switzerland. UBS is the largest truly global wealth manager, and a leading personal and corporate bank in Switzerland, with a large-scale and diversified global asset manager and a focused investment bank. The bank focuses on businesses that have a strong competitive position in their targeted markets, are capital-efficient, and have an attractive long-term structural growth or profitability outlook.

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