Gain valuable work experience. Develop a professional network. Become more marketable to employers. Find internships, jobs and co-ops in Nashville, and get your career started!

Find a Co-Op or Internship in Nashville

Searching through endless job listings can be daunting and overwhelming. But signing up for an internship or co-op is a simple process. Here’s how.

Step 1: Apply for an Internship

Let us help you in your search! If you are interested in pursuing an internship, please contact Lisa Fletcher at 615-353-3230 or


Step 2: Find a Job

We’ll help you search for a job but keep looking on your own. Find specific listings on the College Central Network. If you find a position elsewhere, you must receive approval from your department and the Career Services Office.

Search on the College Central Network

Who We Work With

Classmates before you have found opportunities at these companies to earn credit. Take a look at their current job listings and see if there’s something that interests you!

How to Get Credit for Your Internship

In some cases, you can earn academic credit for internships and co-ops. Ask your academic advisor if internships are eligible for credit. Then, follow the steps below to fulfill the university requirements for receiving credit.

Once you’ve accepted a position, contact us for the Learning Agreement. This agreement will outline the learning objectives you can expect to meet during your experience. Complete the agreement with your new supervisor.

You must complete at least 15 hours of work per week to receive credit. Show up, follow the policies, and remember that you represent Nashville State. 

If you are suspended or terminated from the position before the end of the semester, you must notify the Career Services Office. If you feel you have been wrongly suspended from the position, you may complete the Co-op Suspension Appeal form. Return the form to the Career Services Office.

Complete the Midterm Self Evaluation and return it to the Career Services Office.  

Your supervisor must also complete the Supervisor Midterm Evaluation. We will send this form to them but check to make sure they’ve received and returned it to the Career Services Office.

At the end of your placement, you must write a 1-3 page reflection of your experience. You'll discuss how the learning objectives were, or weren't, met as listed in the Learning Agreement. Review the Internship Reflection Paper Guidelines for more information. Send the completed reflection to the Career Services Office. 

In addition to your own reflection, your supervisor must complete the Employers Co-op Student Evaluation Form. Check with them to make sure they’ve received and returned it to the Career Services Office.

Become a Partner Company

Looking to build your workforce? Interested in hiring intelligent, motivated students? Partner with Nashville State! Internship and co-op benefits are a two-way street for the student and for your company.

Hiring student interns is a great way to:  

  • Reduce recruitment and training costs. 
  • Select, observe, and evaluate student on-the-job performance for potential permanent employment. 
  • Eliminate/reduce the time needed to train new graduates. 
  • Enjoy the higher retention rate of co-op students who become permanent employees. 

As with taking on any employee, the employer has responsibilities and expectations to meet. Here’s all that Nashville State expects of you. 

  • Provide work experience directly related to the student’s major for a minimum of 15 hrs per week for the semester. Subsequent semesters are encouraged. 
  • When you select one of our students to hire, please let us know and have them report back to us. We will give the student a Learning Agreement to complete with you. The Learning Agreement outlines the objectives they will meet during the experience. The student must return this document to the Career Services Office. 
  • Appoint a direct supervisor to assist the student. Supervisors should be there to help the student meet their learning objectives and provide timely feedback on their work performance. 
  • Provide an orientation to the student. Outline company expectations, dress code policies, and other important information the student needs. 
  • Complete the Supervisor Midterm Evaluation and the end of semester Employers Co-op Student Evaluation Form. Return these evaluations to the Career Services Office. 
  • Complete the Supervisor Midterm Evaluation at the halfway point of the assignment. Return the evaluation to the Career Services Office. 
  • Complete the Employers Co-op Student Evaluation Form at the end of the semester. Return the evaluation to the Career Services Office. 
  • Notify the Career Services Office at least one week before initiating any action which might affect the employment status of the student. 
  • As a courtesy to the student, please allow them to complete their degree and graduate before hiring them permanently. 

Contact the NSCC Career Services Office

Feel free to call, email, or stop by our office. We're here for you!


Welcome Center
2nd Floor of the S-Building
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8 AM – 4:30 PM