Student Government

The Student Government Association (SGA) represents the student body at Nashville State. SGA is available to hear student concerns, organize programs to support the student experience, and create opportunities for student representation and advocacy for all campuses and constituency groups.

Our Mission

The Student Government Association of Nashville State Community College will recognize the varied needs, concerns, and wants of the student body on all campuses of Nashville State Community College. We will project and represent the student’s voice and opinion by acting as the liaison with administration, faculty, and staff of Nashville State as well as strive to provide guidance and advice to our fellow students. We will actively work with the Office of Student Life to develop meaningful and exciting events and activities as well as proactively seeking innovative solutions and outcomes to create a more diverse and fulfilling experience among all students here at Nashville State Community College.

Meet the Executive Board 

The SGA Executive Board is a team of students, elected by their peers and the leadership body for Student Government. 

Haven Hall


Major: Social Work

Aaron Warren

Vice President

Major: Computer Information Technology

Gabrielle Terry


Major: Visual Communications, Graphic Design

Mayah Otunuya

Public Relations Chair

Major: Business

SGA Senate 

The senate is comprised of 30 students that are both elected and appointed in their roles. Current senate seats include: 

If you are interested in becoming a senator, please fill out the SGA Senator Application. SGA is advised by the Director of Student Life, Kelsey Johansen.