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Nashville State offers a convenient and affordable program that delivers the required materials for your course in digital format on the first day of class via NS Online. To ensure the lowest cost for students, the courses participating include a course materials fee automatically applied to your student account. This comes at a significantly reduced cost compared to traditional physical textbooks and course materials.

Save lots of cash.
Students save $88 per book (on average)*

No waiting in line.
Students have Day One access to their books through NS Online.

Less hassle.
Charges for books are automatically applied to student accounts.*

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The cost of these materials can be paid for by Financial Aid or out of pocket. The cost of materials is NOT covered by TN Promise or TN Reconnect. For more information concerning your student account, please contact the Bursar's Office at 615-353-3310.

*Overall, $1,048,000 was saved in the Fall 2020 semester with the DCM program.

Portal Login

Your username is your student email address. You will receive an automated email with your password. If you have never accessed the portal before, go to Create an Account and use your student email address when registering.

Opt-Out Portal Links

**If you decide you do not want to purchase the course materials provided to you as part of the program, you can use the Nashville State Community College Customer Portal to opt-out of the program. If you opt-out, you will be responsible for obtaining the required course materials on your own. You will have the opportunity to opt-out or back into the program for Spring 2024 Full-Term from Jan 2-29, Spring 2024 First 7-Week Term from Jan 2-21, and Spring 2024 Second 7-Week Term from Jan 2 – Mar 23. (If you need the DCM charge to be removed for the upcoming payment deadline, you must opt-out no later than the day before.†)

†If the payment deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, opt-out no later than two business days before the payment deadline.

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DCM Frequently Asked Questions


DCM stands for Digital Course Materials. These are materials that are charged as a course fee (paid through the Bursar’s Office) and that you are given access to on the first day of class. They are through the Follett ACCESS program, which is an initiative to encourage student preparedness and participation through low-cost digital materials. DCM is often more than just a textbook. Many of our courses utilize courseware, such as Pearson MyLab, for homework and testing, as well as supplementary study resources.

We highly recommend speaking to the NSCC Bookstore before opting out of DCM, as it can affect your entire semester. As stated before, DCM is often more than just a textbook; some courseware contains all your homework and testing. These products are usually available from the publisher, but at a much higher retail price than you would pay for the exact same product as a course fee. After you opt-out, you have until the second week of classes to opt back in. If you miss this deadline, we cannot opt you back in.

The opt-out link can be found at You must opt-out before the second week of classes to avoid DCM charges. If you do not opt-out before this deadline, we cannot give refunds or revoke access. The DCM is yours for the semester. 

No, your DCM is paid as a course fee through the Bursar’s office and ordered automatically for you. You do not need to order or pay for anything additional through the bookstore.

DCM is auto populated in your NS Online/D2L. 

  • Brytewave ( is Follett’s e-textbook platform. If your DCM is Brytewave format, you should be able to view it right in the course shell. If not, you will need to go to the Brytewave website and log in using your student email ( If you have never logged in before, an account has already been created for you with your student email. Click on Forgot Password and follow the instructions to reset your password using your student email. When you log in, your materials will automatically be on your shelf.
  • If your professor has integrated a Pearson Revel, Pearson MyLab, Cengage MindTap, McGraw Hill Connect, or any other type of courseware access code, you will need to copy it, then click on Access Courseware and paste it on the website you are directed to. Always use your student email to create accounts on the publisher websites.
    • If there is not an Access Courseware button, you will need to go directly to the publisher website or contact your professor for a link to the website your material is on.
    • If there is not a code, you simply need to click the Access Courseware button to be directed to your digital material. 

The RedShelf app has an option to save your textbook in “offline mode” so that you can still access it wherever you are. 

  • Usually low-cost print upgrades are available for most courses. In order to be eligible to purchase, you must stay opted-in to DCM. If you opt out and purchase the print upgrade, you will be opted back into the DCM and charged the fee. To see if a low-cost Print Upgrade is available for your course
    1. Go to
    2. Search by Course
    3. Select PU as the sectio
      • If there is not a PU section, then your course does not have a low-cost print upgrade available through our bookstore.
  • Another option is to buy a full-price Print Copy of your textbook. To see if there is a full-price Print Copy available,
    1. Go to 
    2. Search by Course
    3. Select PC as the section
      • If there is not a PC section, then your course does not have a full-price Print Copy available through our bookstore. 


If you have questions about this process, please contact the Nashville State Bookstore at the White Bridge campus at 615-353-3316 or email