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Information Security Technical Certificate


Be cyber savvy.

The Information Security Technical Certificate provides the security tools necessary to protect an organization’s resources. Learn to recognize compromised computer systems with a solid understanding of the methods employed by hackers. Cultivate the knowledge for a successful career as a security professional, network administrator, or IT assurance technician meeting the ever-changing needs of the IT community.

Develop the skills to:

  • Harden operating systems including Linux, Windows Server, and Windows Professional OS.
  • Configure and administer Windows and Linux operating systems.
  • Protect data through the use of cryptography.
  • Effectively design and securely implement a VPN.
  • Recognize the importance of security policies and the effective design of such policies.

Get industry certification.

Courses are designed to meet industry security certification exams objectives for the CompTIA Security+ exam, the Security Certified Professional’s Tactical Perimeter Defense exam, and the Security Certified Professional’s Strategic Infrastructure Security exam

Continue your education.

All of the required Information Security Technical Certificate courses can be applied toward the Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Information Technology, Cyber Defense concentration if you choose to continue your education.

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